Product Details

A low-cost, high reliability crystal based RC receiver with exceptional performance is now available. Lepton-6 is ultra-light, ultra-small 6-channel receiver with advanced DSP signal detection, noise control and glitch suppression algorithms. Available in 72 MHz and 50/53 MHz (HAM).

  • Full range. Ultra narrowband (5kHz or better)
  • Smallest and the lightest 6-channel receiver in the world
  • Excellent sensitivity and IP3 performance
  • Feature selection through a modular, extremely rugged, reliable and easy to use programmer utilizing Sombra Labs' patented "1-Click"(TM) programming technology
  • Three user selectable and programmable failsafe modes
  • Compatible with most of the FM/PPM transmitters
  • Automatic positive/negative transmitter shift detection
  • Fully programmable servo pin assignments, any servo pin can be made to output any channel from Channel 1 to Channel 16
  • Ability to store two user "Servopin-to-Channel" assignments
  • Cascade mode: Two Lepton- 6's can be cascaded together for upto 12-channel operation
  • Most advanced DSP signal detection, noise control and glitch suppression algorithms
  • Ability to turn the DSP filtering on or off using the Sombra programmer
  • Fully FCC/ic (Industry Canada) compliant
  • Meets all AMA-91 receiver guidelines
  • Dimensions: approx. 38mm x 15mm
  • Weight: approx. 7gms with full length antenna
  • Horizontal pin version available now
  • Available in 50/53MHz(HAM) also
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada

Retail Pricing

  • MSRP for Lepton-6 Rx only U$34.99
  • MSRP for Lepton-6 Rx with Programmer U$39.99

  • MSRP for Lepton-6-HAM Rx only U$59.99
  • MSRP for Lepton-6-HAM Rx with 50MHz crystal U$69.99
  • MSRP for Lepton-6-HAM Rx with 53MHz crystal U$74.99
  • MSRP for 50MHz Crystal MSRP(without Lepton-6-HAM) : U$14.99
  • MSRP for 53MHz Crystal MSRP(without Lepton-6-HAM) : U$19.99