Jan.06.2009 - Check out the SL-8 & Lepton-6 Review on Ezone!

May.06.2008 - SL-8

SL-8 back in stock (72Mhz+ 75MHz, 50MHz + 53MHz) now available

Synthesized SL-8 (HAM and non-HAM) now available

January.01.2008 - Lepton-6

Ultra-small Lepton-6 and crystals (72MHz and 50MHz + 53MHz) now available for purchase online at Sombra webstore!


Ultra-small Lepton-HAM and crystals (50MHz + 53MHz) now available

Synthesized SL-8-HAM now available

September.09.2007 - Sombra Store now LIVE!

SL-8 now available!
Welcome to Sombra Labs. Our new webstore is now live. The new synthesized SL-8 and Lepton-5 are now available for purchase. Store best viewed in FireFox.