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 Shadow-3 (72/75MHz) UserGuide

 Shadow-3 HAM (50/53 MHz) UserGuide

 Lepton-5 (72MHz) UserGuide

 Lepton-5 HAM (50/53 MHz) UserGuide

 SL-8 (72/75MHz) UserGuide

 SL-8 HAM (50/53 MHz) UserGuide

 SL-8 HAM (50/53 MHz) Channels Assignment UserGuide


Q: Baseloaded receiver antennas (Deans, Azaar, etc.) are quite popular in parkflyer applications, can I use a baseloaded antenna with a Shadow-3/Lepton-5/Neutrino/SL8, etc.?
A: Most baseloaded antennas will work fine with our 72Mhz line of receivers, however, they cannot be used with our Spread Spectrum receivers. We strongly advice you to conduct a ground range check before using the model with the newly installed antenna

Q: Will Futaba servo plugs work with your receivers ?
A: The difference between universal type plugs and Futaba plugs is a little keying shroud around the Futaba plugs. These plugs will work with our receivers with no problem

Q: I bought a Shadow-3 with a programmer and I'm now planning to buy a Lepton-5, can I use the programmer that came with my Shadow-3 ?
A: Absolutely!. Our programmers are universal and will work with every field-programmable receiver that we manufacture

Q: Can I buy extra Shadow-3/Lepton-5/Neutrino/SL8 without programmers ?
A: All our receives are available for sale without a programmer, so you will only need one Shadow programmer to serve all your field-programmable Sombra receivers

Q: Can I use a buddy box setup with your receivers to train someone ?
A: Trainer setups and buddy box will work fine, however, the DSP functionality will have to be turned OFF for this to work properly

Q: Any chance you could offer an extension lead for the programming socket ?
A: The cable is in the works, it should be available in early 2007

Q: Can I damage the receiver or the Shadow programmer by inserting the programmer the wrong way?
A: The receiver or the programmer can not be damaged by inserting the programmer the wrong way. If inserted incorrectly, the LED on the programmer will not light up and nothing will be programmed in the receiver

Q: What is 1-click programming ?
A: We've tried to keep everything simple and for features that require in-field changes you would not require more than a single click of a button. Just compare our user-configurable per-channel fail-safe setting procedure with that of other products on the market

Q: Can you please describe how I can remap pin-5 on Lepton to output channel 6 ?
A: Please dial the numbers below in sequence as described below:

  • 99 => Reset the receiver
  • 91 => Start programming user location1
  • 25 => Indicate the pin on the receiver to be remapped
  • 06 => Indicate the channel that needs to be mapped on the pin selected in the previous step
  • 30 => Finish the programming and store the new mapping in user location 1. Resume normal receiver operation
Please note that the above only does the programming and storage in the internal memory. To utilize the new programming you will need to activate the stored programming by dialing 00

Q: Can you explain the behaviour of the Limited-Hold failsafe ?
A: Upon loss of transmitter signal, the receiver will continue to play last good servo position for about 1.5sec. After this time all servo output signals will go low, i.e., this should cause your servos to remain in place (no torque though). Most ESCs will shutdown the motor when they don't see an output from the receiver, however, please check with your ESC manufacturer to confirm the ESC behavior under this condition. Upon transmitter link recovery, normal servo outputs will resume

Q: Can you explain the behaviour of the Permanent-Hold failsafe ?
A: Upon loss of transmitter signal, the receiver will continue to play last good servo position indefinitely with full torque. Upon transmitter link recovery, normal servo outputs will resume

Q: Are you planning to release a computer based programmer to allow for more advanced feature programming and online firmware upgrades ?
A: We're finalizing design for an advanced USB based programmer that can be used to configure our receivers. In addition this programmer will also allow firmware upgrades. Please note that this product does not replace our unique Sombra Programmer, which we believe is most intuitive and easy to use in-field programming solution and there is nothing on the market that comes close

Q: Does the Futaba 9Z transmitter with a Futaba synthesized module work with the Shadow-3/Lepton-5/Neutrino/SL8 ?
A: The synthesized module when used with 9Z will not work with any of our receivers. Please use a fixed frequency module, the synthesized module causes distortion of the PPM frame and hence cannot be supported. Our SpreadSpectrum transmitter modules will work fine with the Futaba 9Z transmitter

Q: Does the Futaba 9Z transmitter with a Hitec Spectra synthesized module work with the Shadow-3/Lepton-5/Neutrino/SL8 ?
A: We haven't tested this combination as it contravenes FCC regulations

Q: What transmitters don't work with the Shadow-3/Lepton-5/Neutrino/SL8 ?
A: Futaba 9Z with a synthesizer module: since the PPM frame structure in this particular setup is non-standard. Multiplex Royal EVO-12 in the 12 channel mode, since a non-standard compressed frame is utilized to accommodate 12 channels, this transmitter in non-12 channel mode will work fine

Q: Does Shadow-3 work with the Futaba 14MZ ?
A: The new 72Mhz PK-FSM synthesized transmitter RF module has been tested with Shadow-3 and it works fine

Q: I tried everything and my Shadow-3/SL-8 doesn't work ?
A: Please follow these step, if it still doesn't work, contact technical support:

  • Make sure that the transmitter is supported (check this FAQ to find out which transmitters don't work well)
  • Make sure that the transmitter and the receiver have matching bands, e.g a HAM (50/53Mhz) Shadow-3 will not work with a 72Mhz transmitter
  • Make sure that the transmitter is turned ON
  • Make sure that the transmitter is setup in FM-PPM mode
  • Make sure that the receiver battery is good and fully charged with a voltage reading of above 3.6V
  • Make sure that the battery and the servo are connected properly with the correct polarity
  • Reset the receiver by dialing 99
  • Make sure that the channel frequency of the transmitter is dialed-in properly, e.g. to operate your receiver on channel 39, the programmer dial labelled 10's should be set to 3, and the dial labelled 1's should be dialed to 9. Upon pressing the programmer push button the programmer LED should light up

Q: Who is taking care of warranty work ?
A: All warranty services/upgrades are handled through Sombra Labs in Canada. Units found defective within 14 days of purchase should be returned directly to the place of purchase

Q: What is your return policy ?
A: Units bought directly from Sombra Labs can be returned to us within 14 days of purchase, as long as the product is in a resalable condition and is not damaged due to user error. Dealers may have different return policy, please check before purchase

Q: Where can I send my receiver to be repaired ?
A: Please contact technical support to get information on how and where to ship a defective product for repair or exchange